Why Mindfulness?



We define mindfulness as inner education. When we practice mindfulness, we become students of our present moment experience. Mindfulness supports us in:

  • Understanding and training our attention.
  • Noticing our thoughts, emotions, and feelings with more clarity and learning to relate to them in a healthier way.
  • Discerning the patterns of our mind and intentionally cultivating qualities and habits that are more aligned with our values.
  • Learning how to better connect and empathize with others.
  • Developing more awareness of our relationship with our environment.

Why Mindfulness

A growing body of research and science supports what mindfulness practitioners have known for centuries: that mindfulness practice is a key ingredient to leading a happier, more purposeful life.

Mindfulness has the power to improve the well-being of students, strengthen school communities, and transform our society.

Transform graphic With mindfulness at its foundation, a classroom can be more holistic, more equipped to teach our students how to thrive in our world.
Foundation graphic With mindfulness as its practice, a school can do more than teach students to cope with stress and anxiety—it can provide all community members with the tools to address mental health challenges at the source.
School heart graphic With mindfulness at its heart, education can serve as a catalyst for building stronger, more resilient communities.
Graduate Design With mindfulness as its power, our education system can empower our future leaders to solve our world’s biggest challenges with more compassion, integrity, and awareness.