Mission & Vision

Our Mission

We work to make the transformative power of mindfulness a reality for school communities by facilitating the comprehensive and nuanced integration of mindfulness into schools through the Mindfulness Director Model—thereby enhancing the well-being of students and strengthening our society.

Our Vision

We envision a world where every member of every school community has access to

  • Mindfulness teachings
  • An experienced mindfulness teacher
  • Supportive mindfulness practice groups

The result being more resilient, compassionate, and effective school communities that better prepare future generations to

  • Thrive and flourish in the face of the personal, relational, and global challenges
  • Create a more just and aware society

Our Objective

We partner with schools of all demographics to facilitate and support the integration of mindfulness by

  • Matching interested schools with highly qualified Mindfulness Directors
  • Providing implementation support that leads to a thriving culture of mindfulness in each partner school community
  • Creating a sustainable and ever-expanding network of school-based mindfulness programs