Our Values

Our Values

Justice: We strive to live out justice by partnering with communities to practice joy, equity and inclusion.

Well-being: We believe that mindfulness practice supports self and communal care. We seek to build systems that prioritize healing, rest, and restoration.

Community: We strive to meet ourselves and our partners from a place of humanity, humility, and respect. We honor the inherent dignity and power of all beings by acknowledging our interdependence, listening deeply, and co-creating in ways that are responsive to and in solidarity with community needs.

Integrity: We believe that we cannot create in the world what we do not seek to create in our organization and that we cannot nurture in communities what we do not seek to nurture within ourselves.

Learning: We take the time to gather input, reflect, digest, and adapt as we go. We seek to grow from our successes, failures, and everything in between.

Impact: We work to address the complex challenges of this moment in ways that matter and last. We honor our purpose and our partners by working with diligence and focus in pursuit of equitable systems change.