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Become a Mindfulness Director

Each of our Mindfulness Directors integrates mindfulness into a school community over the course of many years.

We look to recruit individuals who have deep experience with both mindfulness and education. But that’s just what we look for on paper.

We want to work with people who are passionate about building a more resilient, aware, and compassionate world through mindfulness.

Of course, not all practice looks the same, and not all school communities have the same needs. We’re looking to build a diverse network of Mindfulness Directors with varying backgrounds and practices so we can more comprehensively meet the needs of different types of schools around the country.

What we’re about:

Mindfulness Directors are at the core of what we do at WholeSchool Mindfulness. We are a small but mighty team of meditators and educators who dream of building a more holistic education system.

We want to embody the future we’re trying to create in all of our daily operations. Our organization strives to be non-hierarchical and make decisions collaboratively. Despite the schools we work with being vastly different and located all over the country, we maintain a close-knit and supportive community throughout our Mindfulness Director network.

Erica Marcus“What makes being a Mindfulness Director different than teaching mindfulness short-term and then leaving is I can refine the understanding of mindfulness within my community over time. I can see how the relationships that I’m building with staff, students, and parents are going to be really important to do this kind of work in the community that I’m in. I can take a long view.”

Erica Marcus (she/her) is a Mindfulness Director at the Cape Elizabeth Middleschool in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.