Making a measurable difference for the students, faculty, and families in our partner schools.

Our Impact

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Mindfulness Directors launched since 2019

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Of Partner Schools have increased their financial commitment to the MD salary by at least 25 percentage points going into the 2022/2023 school year

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Of Partner Schools serve predominantly low-income or BIPOC students

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Raised to support mindfulness in education

2021/2022 School Year Data Highlights

86% of surveyed Shrewsbury students report that mindfulness helps them feel relaxed or calm.

93% of surveyed IDEA Tampa Bay students report that mindfulness improved their ability to bounce back after a difficult event.

84% of surveyed MLK Middle School staff agree that the Mindfulness Director has had a positive impact on their school.

76% of surveyed Harvard students noticed benefits related to worry and anxiety from learning about and practicing mindfulness

93% of surveyed UVA students reported noticing mental health benefits from learning and practicing mindfulness

Shrewsbury High School

Shrewsbury Public High School, Shrewsbury, MA

MLK Middle School

MLK Middle School, Richmond, VA

MLK Middle School

MLK Middle School, Richmond, VA