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“Don’t just do something! Sit there!”

That’s how the pioneering Insight teacher Sylvia Boorstein used to introduce meditation to beginners. “Being peace,” is the way the Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh explained it. Tibetan lamas sometimes called it Mind Training, and Massachusetts MD and Zen practitioner Jon Kabat Zinn, seeking stress reduction … [Read more]


Mindfulness meditation teacher Enrique Collazo is disrupting class-as-usual with a mindfulness and compassion curriculum.

Enrique Collazo’s goal as the mindfulness director of Oakland’s MetWest High School is to improve students’ relationships with their thoughts, cultivate compassion, and celebrate interconnectedness through course curriculum and mindfulness sessions. And he’s seeing results. “There is a lot … [Read more]


BareSOUL Yoga’s founder creates a new collective centered on Black wellness

When Vicki Wise heard the news on Sept. 23 that the two police officers who shot and killed Breonna Taylor in her home in Louisville, Kentucky, would not face criminal charges, she was angry. After a summer steeped in racial tension, it … [Read more]